What is a Workplace Syndicate?

A workplace syndicate is a group of colleagues who club together to play lotteries. Small businesses may have one syndicate, which is open for all employees to join if they wish, whereas larger firms may boast a number of different syndicates across the various departments. Companies can even buy lottery syndicate insurance to compensate them if a group of workers win big and hand in their notice at the same time!

Running a Workplace Syndicate

Anyone can start a syndicate in their workplace, but you should be sure to put in place structures to ensure the smooth running of the lottery group. See the How to Run a Syndicate page for more information.

You do not need a gaming licence to run a lottery group at your place of employment, but you should check with management that they allow such activity to take place on their premises. It is advisable to make sure that everyone knows the numbers that are played in every draw, which can be achieved by emailing every member with the details, or posting scans of the tickets on a communal noticeboard.

Advantages of a Workplace Syndicate

Playing lotteries together at work can help boost team morale as you excitedly wait to see whether you will share a huge payout. You can also collect together all of the smaller prizes you win and put them towards a company night out, ordering in a takeaway lunch as a treat once a month, or even just for keeping the tea, coffee and biscuit supplies fully stocked throughout the year.