While playing the lottery as part of a syndicate has plenty of positives, there are a few negative issues to be considered before joining a group. From disagreements over how to spit winnings to individuals failing to pay on time, here are the problems that you may encounter when joining a syndicate.

Arguments without a Syndicate Agreement

Arguments Without a Syndicate Agreement

Playing in an offline syndicate can be lots of fun, but without a syndicate agreement this enjoyment can soon turn sour. Failing to draw up or sign a syndicate agreement can lead to friction between group members with regard to which numbers are played and how any winnings are distributed.



Should your syndicate win a prize, members of the group may disagree on how the winnings should be divided. If some members have paid more into the syndicate than others, they may demand a larger share of any prizes won. In addition, regular syndicate members who miss a payment may feel aggrieved should they miss out on a larger prize.

Lower payouts

Lower Payouts

The more members your syndicate contains, the lower the value of your payouts will be. For example, a win of £1 million shared between 25 syndicate members would leave each player with just £40,000 each. For some, a win of any size may be fantastic, while others may want a larger payout.


Don’t let the negative aspects of joining a syndicate discourage you from playing as part of a collective. It is very easy to sidestep these issues, meaning that you can enjoy all the benefits of playing as part of a syndicate.

Before playing as part of an offline syndicate, remember to draw up or sign a syndicate agreement. By implementing an agreement, group members will be clear on the rules of the syndicate, including which numbers are being played on a weekly basis and how any winnings will be split.

If you are not comfortable with the complications that may arise when playing offline, why not consider joining an online syndicate? Playing online removes the organisational stress that can occur when organising friends, family and co-workers as all the hard work is taken care of by your chosen syndicate provider. With no long term contracts and instant cash if you win, being part of an online syndicate is a simple way to enjoy the lottery.