Own Numbers or Lucky Dips?

Whether to select your own numbers or opt for Lucky Dips can be a tricky decision for a syndicate, as there are several factors which should be considered. Ultimately, the odds of any single line winning a prize are the same and by playing in a group with more tickets the chances of success increase, but an argument can be made for either way of playing.

Picking your Own Numbers

If you decide to choose your own numbers as a group, you must first think about who will be picking them. If there are ten players in the syndicate and you want to enter ten lines, it is nice and simple to have everyone select one combination of numbers each.

If you stick to the same lines each week, you may find it easier to check if you have won. It is also useful when everyone is aware of the numbers being played as it can help you to avoid getting suspicious of the syndicate manager.

Another advantage to picking your own numbers in a group is that you can team up to cover more numbers. If you have a Thunderball syndicate entering 14 lines, for example, each line could play a different Thunderball and you would be guaranteed to match it.

Picking your own numbers

Playing Lucky Dips

Playing Lucky Dips is a great option for many syndicates, perhaps especially if the number of members in your group does not match up to how many lines you wish to enter. It is quick and simple, there are no arguments over whose numbers are the most successful and it is easier to plan for when someone leaves the group. If you choose your own lines, then someone leaves and their numbers come up the next week, it would be a horrible feeling.

Lucky Dips are entirely random so they might potentially give you a better spread of numbers. By picking your own selections, you can fall into patterns to help you remember such as picking 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30, or selecting birthdays. While there is nothing wrong with choosing sequences or birthdays, the risk is that you would have no numbers towards the higher part of a number range in a game such as EuroMillions or Lotto, and may also be more likely to have to share a prize if the numbers do come up.

If you do play Lucky Dips, make sure to scan the entries for other syndicate members to see so there are no disputes over which numbers you have used. Free Lucky Dips are also given away as prizes in Lotto for matching two main numbers, so you can enter again to give your syndicate another chance of winning!

Playing lucky dips