How Syndicates work

Syndicates allow players to cover more number combinations for a fraction of the cost. Each group member will purchase a number of shares in a syndicate and receive a corresponding payout when the group win any prizes. For example, playing in a syndicate of 10 players purchasing 10 tickets will increase your chances of winning as you will benefit from all the tickets purchased, while reducing the individual cost of your entry.

It is possible for some players to purchase multiple shares in a syndicate and therefore receive a larger payout when a prize is won. Some members may even opt to only invest in a fraction of a share to reduce the entry cost even further. It is important to note how many shares everyone in the group owns, how much each player must pay and what percentage of any prize each member is entitle to following a win.

Syndicate player thinking about winning

Every syndicate should appoint one member of the group as syndicate manager. It is the duty of the syndicate manager to collect payments from other members, buy tickets and ensure any winnings are evenly distributed throughout the group. It is strongly advised that the manager draw up a syndicate agreement in order to keep track of details such as who is taking part, who has paid their entry fees ahead of each draw and what percentage of the prize each person will receive when the syndicate wins a prize.

Playing online eliminates the need for a syndicate manager as the syndicate service you use does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is sign up, decide how many shares you would like in a syndicate and pay your fees. Should your online group win, the syndicate service will contact you and transfer your percentage of the prize directly into your account.